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Diving on Belongas bay you will dive into the jewel dive sites of Lombok. It’s one of the best places from series of fabulous dive sites on south sea of Lombok, by far we’ve set 6 best spots on the area and offer you as one of the best diving experience ever in your lifetime. It’s an advance dive for minimum advanced certification level dive certification or more than 50 dive logged however We reserve the right to check dive before diving at these dive sites, considering that the sites are sometimes can be quite challenging affected by currents and sometimes not suitable to dive. pa040173



“The Magnet” and “Blue hole” are quite challenging spot by its form, the Magnet is a giant pinnacle rising up from 80m deep and most of the dives are planned to 35 – 40m dive that sometimes gives us down current and surge, while the Blue Hole is a 30m cavern dive will sometimes dealing with surge once we’re in its cave. Most of the dive sites are boulders and pinnacles therefore it’s not an easy to dive for less experienced diver. Most of the time these sites show us schooling of Barracuda, Manta and Eagle ray and so with schooling Hammerhead above your head.
However we will endeavor to take you to the best dive sites and accommodate your preference dive site.