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About the Gili Islands and Lombok Indonesia

gililombok_diving_about-lombokLombok island is located east of Bali Indonesia and can be easily accessed by air or sea. Lombok is one of the popular tourist destinations in Indonesia and attracts travelers from all across the globe.Lombok, an integral part of the Lesser Sunda Islands is situated in the province of West Nusa Tenggaraan a series of small islands in the Indonesian archipelago. West Nusa Tenggara spread into two islands Lombok and Sumbawa. Lombok spans 90km from north to south and 80km from east to west.

It boasts untouched, pristine beaches, a big volcano, Mount Rinjani, and a huge variety of different landscapes and sceneries. The island of Lombok offers the most complete escape from the hustle and the bustle of towns. Tourist activity is confined to Senggigi, Kuta Lombok, and Gili islands, but even these places are low key compared with most parts of Bali. The rest of the island is can naturally be explored.

The Gili Islands

gili-lombok-diving-snorkelingThe Gili Islands located on the north west coast Lombok. This three perfect islands, fringed with white sands and palm trees and lay in the sparkling ocean. For many years the Gilis have attracted visitors from arround the world for their pristine waters, great scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities, and laid back charm.

The word Gili actually means “small island”, and so these islands have come to be known as ” the Gilis” by travelers, who have long considered them to be at least equal to the the appeal of Thailand’s and India’s south coast. Over the past decade, each of the three islands has developed a unique personally or style, catering to different types of holiday makers and travelers.

Although the Gili island were previously popular mainly with backpackers, word has gotten around and the Gili island now attract a diverse range of visitors; serious diving enthusiasts, sun seeker looking for the perfect beach gate way, single, families and couples of all ages find something to attract them to Gili island.